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Missing Assignments Deadline: Any upcoming Test Day

Math 8 Unit 4 Pythag Test: Thurs Apr 26

Science 8 Unit 5 Optics Test: TBA

Math 9 Unit 4 Graphing Test: TBA

AW 11 Unit 4 Drawings & Views Test: TBA

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

AW 11: Thurs Apr 26 - Project work time and Review Assignment

Today you worked on your 3D Drawings project and had time to start the 3D Drawings Review Assignment when done.

Math 8/Sci 8: Thurs Apr 26 - Pythag Test & Waves Intro

First block today you wrote your Pythag Tests! After break, we dug into WAVES; you read pgs. 134-138 in the textbook, and then we watched a video that talked about similar ideas. We then took some summary notes about what you had read/watched, and you finished up by doing questions #1 & 2 on pg. 142 (for homework).

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Math 9: Wed Apr 25 - Graphing Lines

Today we put some of our pieces together and worked on graphing lines, and then you practiced graphing lines. After break, we had some J.o.W. time, you worked on the the graphing lines assignment. We finished off the class with an introduction to Making equations.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sci 8: Tues Apr 24 - Intro to Optics Unit and Solar Water Distiller Project

Today we looked at a couple reminders for our Pythag Test on Thursday. After that, we started in on our new Science Unit: Waves and Optics. We looked at what you already know and what you wonder about the main topics of the unit, and then we introduced the Solar Water Distiller Project.

Math 9: Tues Apr 24 - Slope of Lines

Today we had a look at how to calculate slopes, and then you practiced calculating slopes.

AW 11: Tues Apr 24 - 3D Drawings Project

Today we had time to get started on our 3D Drawings Project.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Math 9: Mon Apr 23 - Intro to Graphing

Today we started Unit 4: Graphing. We took some notes together, and then you practiced plotting points.

Math 8: Mon Apr 23 - Finish Pythag Review

Today we started by discussing the problem of Plastic Pollution in the Pacific and the complex solutions needed to address the problem. Then you had the remainder of the class to finish off the Pythagorean Review Assignment in preparation for our Test on Thursday.

AW 11: Mon Apr 23 - Types of Drawings

Today we had some time to finish up Sec 5.3 and we summarized the different types of drawings that we have in our unit.

Friday, 20 April 2018

AW 11: Fri Apr 20 - 3D Drawings

After our QQQ today, we started Sec 5.3 on 3D drawings; we specifically looked at "isometric" drawings, perspective drawings, and exploded views.

Math 8: Fri Apr 20 - Pythag Review

Today we corrected the very last question in the pythag workbook, and then we did a unit overview, and then we finished off with some time for the Pythag Review Assignment.

Math 9: Fri Apr 20 - Solving Test

Today you wrote your solving test! Wohoo!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Math 8: Thurs Apr 19 - Pythag Word problems

Today we had a look at your Plate Tectonics test from last day, and then had some impromptu J.o.W. time. To end off, we finished the Pythag booklet, looking at the word problems on pgs 26 - the end

AW 11: Thurs Apr 19 - Prep for end of term

Today we had time to work on the work due for the end of term (tomorrow!): Everything up to and including Sec 5.2

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Math 9: Wed Apr 18 - Last bit of Solving Review Time

Today we had our last chunk of solving review time in preparation for the test on Friday.