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Bio 11 Unit 1 Test -Taxonomy & Evolution: Fri Sept 28

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Friday, 7 September 2018

Bio 11: Fri Sept 7 - Dichotomous Keys & YOU

Today we did our first QQ, finished our Taxonomy notes (see below), looked at the Taxa and the 5 Kingdoms, and then started in on some work with Dichotomous Keys (see below). To wrap up we had a look at who I am and you had some time for the You Assignment (due Monday).

Taxonomy Notes Con't:
o   There are 3 domains: Archaea (ancient bacteria) and Bacteria and Eukarya. Archaea and Bacteria are prokaryotic (no membrane enclosed organelles in cells) and used to be one kingdom: Monera, and Eukarya are Eukaryotic (membrane enclosed organelles in cells) with the remaining 4 kingdoms: protista, fungi, plantae, and animalia.

o   To identify a specific organism, its Genus (capitalized) and Species (not capitalized) names are used. Ex. House cats: Felis domesticus. This is known as “Binomial nomenclature.”
Dichotomous Key Notes:

·      A Dichotomous Key is a tree diagram or list of questions comparing opposite properties, d to identify an organism.
·      Each stage in the key compares 2 options. The 2 options must be exclusive and leave no other options (yes or no questions, has or doesn’t have questions, questions about 2 opposites…etc).